Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Delicious Dishes!

What is the most common thing that you want to get when you go to another country? It is FOOD. The delicious, srumptious, mouth watering food of Thailand that is! These are the top 10 delicious food in Thailand.
1.  Tom Yum Goong ( Spicy Shrimp Soup )
3. Gaeng Daeng  ( Red Curry )
4. Kai Med Ma Muang ( Chicken with Cashew Nuts )
5. Som Tum ( Spicy Green Papaya Salad )
6. Khao Pad ( Fried Rice )
7. Tom Kha Khai ( Chicken in Coconut Soup )
8. Pak Boong ( Morning Glory )
9. Gaeng Keow Wan Kai ( Green Chicken Curry )
10. Yam Nua ( Spicy Beef Salad )

These are the top 10 food in Thailand. Try them! They might be delicious!! 
Bon appetite people!


  1. hi thos is the best i feel so hungry now wheni will go to thailand i will try all these diffrent types of food
    my request is that i would like you to post more stuff from thailand because i am going to thailand for christmas. this blog is so awsome i think i would comment if you put on a new post every single day!! i love this blog so badly