Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thailand Clothing

Thailand has a mixed climate with equal proportions of summer, winter as well as monsoon. So clothes in Thailand are manufactured and designed keeping in mind these climatic diversities.
In the present times, most of Thai clothing is western in design and outlay. In Bangkok and in the big cities, people have opted for western clothes keeping traditional Thai clothes behind. On certain special occasions, the traditionalThai clothes are worn. Women wear knee-length or short skirt with a matching top or blouse. Many women also prefer to wear long wrap around skirts with a floral print top. Traditional Thailand clothing is mainly manufactured in raw silk. Hand made Thailand silk has gained popularity all over the world for its smooth touch as well as of high quality.
Men in Thailand also have traditional clothing style. Men dress in the traditional style on very special occasions, other wise they prefer to put on western clothes. Their traditional dresses are also made of silk and are like one-piece suits with a wide belt. Other types of dresses that are popular with Thai people are colorful batik sarongs, fisherman's pants and trousers and vests made of cotton. 

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