Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thailand Culture Shock

All of the above explanations could provide some idea about Thailand's culture. When you travel here, you must bear in mind that the local people are different from you. It is normal if you see differences on your trip, starting from the spoken language, and body language.

Although Thailand has its own language ( Click to see about Thai language ) , more of the new generation can now speak English as their second language. Be patient, and remember that of course they can never speak like native speakers. There are some alphabets which are used in English but not in Thai, e.g. L, R, SH, CH, TH. For example, if your name is Ryan, you will most likely often be referred to as "Lyan" or if it is Shauna, you may be known as "Chauna". Therefore, it is better to speak slowly with a smile in order to make the conversation go smoothly.

Body Language is another aspect to consider when discussing Thailand's culture. As for body language, you have to be cautious. Calling someone by hand gesture or pointing fingers at someone is socially taboo. You can study about the Do's and don'ts or you can ask your tour guide to highlight some of the key differences in culture to avoid the culture shock.

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